KRONE essentials for every child

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KRONE essentials for every child

Whether its nostalgic memories of carpet farming with our siblings or helping our parents in the yard, we can all agree that a passion for farming starts at a young age.

That's why we offer a kids line, complete with overalls, t-shirts and caps.

Here's our top KRONE essentials for the little ones.

1. A pair of overalls

KRONE kids overalls boiler suit

Just like KRONE machines, these overalls are tough and hard wearing, perfect for getting muddy outside.


2. The BiG X T-Shirt

The most powerful forage harvester in the world in a cute design.


3. A BiG X minature

krone big x forager forage harvester chopper

The perfect addition to any carpet farm, the BiG X forage harvester in a miniature version.