4 reasons a man should own a rugby shirt

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4 reasons a man should own a rugby shirt

If there's one item of clothing that a man should always have in his wardrobe, it's the rugby shirt. With its timeless style, it's a go to item year after year. There's plenty of reasons why the rugby shirt is a favourite of ours, here's a few of them.

1. It can be worn rain or shine

Paired with shorts in the summer, the rugby shirt is perfect for strolling around the Royal Highland Show in the sun. It also has you covered in the colder months, layered under a coat whilst you're working out in the yard.

2. It can be worn anywhere

It's casual fit allows you to be comfortable yet smart, perfect for trips out to the village pub or days spent at home.

3. It goes with everything

Shorts, jeans, chinos, work pants, gilets, name it, the rugby shirt can be worn with it.

4. It suits everyone

Its sporting heritage style means the rugby shirt suits all regardless of your age or size.

Our rugby shirt is available to buy for £30